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Policies and Certificates

Policies and Certificates

Camacho Engenharia SA, aware of the growing competitiveness of the market and sector in which it operates and knowing that the excellence of a company depends on timely knowledge, immediate understanding and effective resolution of the Customers’ current needs, decided to adopt a Integrating Quality, Safety, and Environment Management System (IQESM), in order to continuously improve and be able to make a permanent assessment of the company’s dynamizing factors.


This company requires Quality, Environment, and Safety, with Customer Loyalty as our goal, and so the definition of principles that guide us for this purpose was fundamental:

  • Promote strategic partnerships with a shared goal, based on a relationship sustained by experience and trust, this way converging towards common benefits.
  • Execution of works that show, in its final product, the selection of quality materials and equipment, the use of qualified labour capable of demonstrating, in their work, the continuous training and the support values that the company transmits to them, compliance with legal requirements applicable to the company’s activity and the adoption of good environmental, health and safety at work practices.
  • Implement a management system through a set of processes that manage and organize the various sectors of this company, including an area for project analysis and improvement, raising the company’s functionality to the maximum exponent.


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