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Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

Throughout its journey, Camacho Engenharia has been able to securely position itself in the universe of civil construction. Currently operating in the national and international markets, it has shown that it is a solid and stable company, capable of making its brands last, not only in Portugal, but also in French-speaking African countries, where it has been recognized as a reference company in the sector.
The focus on sustained development has contributed to Camacho Engenharia’s commitment to the quality of the service provided, the use of the latest equipment, and the compliance with safety standards and respect for environmental issues, resulting in the company’s dynamic and always innovative spirit.
In addition to the services it offers in the civil construction sector, Camacho Engenharia also has the equipment rental service, diversifying its activity in several sectors.

Temporary Retaining Walls / Sheet piles

In light of the difficulties of finding companies in the African market with the technical capacity and the means necessary to carry out cofferdams, Camacho Engenharia has created its own sector specialized in carrying out this type of work.
The high water levels in the area are not compatible with traditional excavation processes without the use of techniques that allow for the safe and effective work below those same water levels. As Camacho Engenharia is a responsible company, which throughout its over 40 years of existence has been guided by the respect for the commitments it takes on with its customers, it has joined efforts to overcome the difficulties of the African market and has a solution that provides an answer to yet another of the many challenges it has overcome.
Camacho Engenharia supplies and installs sheet piles by impulse-vibration in temporary retaining walls and permanent structures or in well construction. With this tool, Camacho Engenharia contributes to the West Africa area, and the contractors that work in it, to be able, since the beginning of this year, to count on the company as a highly specialized entity for carrying out this type of work.

Other Equipment

Vibrating Road Rollers
Road Graders
Heavy Vehicles (Trucks)
Agricultural tractors
Construction Tools
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