S. Jorge Water Supply System and reservoirs of Vila Franca, Milhões, and Barroselas have already been inaugurated

The official inauguration ceremony for the S. Jorge Water Supply Subsystem for the Milhões, Vila Franca, and Barroselas Reservoirs and the respective water supply connections took place on June 28 in Viana do Castelo. Chaired by the Minister for the Environment and Energy Transition, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, the ceremony celebrated a project that truly contributes to the effective improvement of the quality of life of about 15.000 inhabitants.

Carried out by Camacho Engenharia SA, the project included the installation of FFD pipes for the water supply, with an approximate length of 319 meters in DN 150, 8711 meters of conduit in DN 250 and 1456 meters in DN 300, as well as the construction of a lift station (Q=50 l/s; Hm=125 m.c.a) and three reservoirs in reinforced concrete (capacity for 500 m3, 600 m3, and 2500 m3), consequently serving the populations of the parishes of Alvarães, Barroselas, Carvoeiro, Mujães, Vila Franca, Vila Fria, and Vila de Punhe.